Windows Phone 7 greater than 40,000 apps

As of November 16th 2011 Windows Phone Marketplace has now passed the 40,000 app and games submission mark.  Rafe Blanford writes “During the last four weeks, an average of around 165 new content items have been added each day” putting the store on track to reach the 50,000 mark sometime in January.  While that is impressive if fairs in comparison to Apple’s 500,000 apps and Android’s 400,000 apps.  Even though Microsoft’s App Store can’t match competing stores title by title, you will be able to find the most popular titles or the equivalent thereof.  The latest update aka “Mango” has integrated many of the productivity apps that iOS users seek such as Shazam, Facebook and Twitter to mention a few.

After reading the report by Rafe Blanford, I got to thinking about the 40,000 app milestone and decided to do a survey on my own.  I posted the following question to all of my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ followers “How many apps on average do you use on your smartphone on a daily basis?” and the response made me realize something that gave me a renewed faith about smart phones, apps and Windows Phone 7.  After polling 44 people the average app usage on a daily basis was 8.  With that said, is it important that Microsoft doesn’t have the 400,000 plus apps like Android or 500,000 like iOS?  I think not, what I do think is important is that they have the apps that most user want to remain competitive and desirable to existing and future consumers.

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