Windows 8…from an installers perspective

As a computer service company, I have installed Windows on various computers since 2001.  When a reinstall is necessary due to a hard drive failure or upgrade, I can usually count on the customer telling me that they don’t have the restoration CD/DVD’s.  As time went on and PC’s became cheaper and cheaper, new computers, accompanied with physical restoration CD/DVD’s, became a thing of the past.  With that said, I always bring my laptop with me so I could download the OS (operating system) and adjacent drivers from the manufacturer’s Website.

Recently, I have installed Windows 8 on a number of various laptops and desktops from ASUS, Dell, HP and Generic brands alike.  What I’ve experienced during each of these installs, was that my laptop was no longer required to get the job done.  Windows 8, from an installation perspective, just works!  After installing Windows 8, I was able to connect to the Internet and register the product without the need to hunt down drivers for the Ethernet card.  Along with installing the correct Ethernet drivers, Windows 8 installed the proper sound, video, mouse and keyboard drivers as well.  In each and every installation, Windows 8 also installed the correct drivers for the various brands of wired and wireless printers and scanners.

What about Bluetooth connections?  Although my customers Bluetooth devices are limited, my personal collection of Bluetooth connected devices have worked with two notable exceptions.  Since I upgraded from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro on my laptop and upgraded to Amber on my Nokia Lumia 920, the two devices can no longer communicate with each other via Bluetooth.  This is not a deal breaker because Microsoft Skydrive keeps my files and pictures on the two devices synced at all times.  The second device was a Logitech K810 Keyboard.  Although it works well on my laptop, it doesn’t work with my Nokia Lumia 920.  It’s only fair to mention that when I purchased this particular keyboard, Logitech clearly stated that it does not work with the Nokia Lumia 920.

As time goes on and more customers upgrade to Windows 8.1, my installation experience may change so stay tuned for future blogs.

    • Jennifer Mello
    • December 24th, 2013

    I also like Windows 8! Good write-up. Well said.

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