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SENS8 Smart All-in-One Home Security System Review

I first learned about SENS8 Smart All-in-One Home Security System through a Website called Indiegogo.  Indiegogo is a Website dedicated to crowdfunding innovations in tech and design before they go mainstream.

The SENS8 had a few crowdfunding options but I chose the Single SENS8 Security System for $119.00.  With it’s many features, modern design and great introductory price…it was a no brainer.

With my previous security camera, I had to pay the manufacturer monthly for cloud storage of surveillance videos.  SENS8 offers unlimited cloud storage absolutely FREE, thanks to a direct API connection to Google Drive and Dropbox – saving you $100’s per year in costs from other subscription-based security systems.

Other security systems rely on proprietary cloud storage networks. If they ever go out of business or shut down their servers, you’re out of luck, and your files are gone. SENS8 assures your videos remain privately held, and totally secure with bank-level encryption.

SENS8 can detect abnormal events happening throughout the home, thanks to a 1080P HD night vision camera, Passive Infrared motion detector, as well as temperature, humidity, light, and sound sensors. You can live stream video in the app, scare off intruders with a 95+ decibel alarm, and even track the health of your home environment with our Smart Health system.

An ambient light sensor, microphone, and temperature and humidity sensor all can detect signals above a certain threshold, alerting you to threats like break ins, floods, leaking pipes, freezing temperatures, and more. You can select the alert threshold for all of SENS8’s sensors.

The SENS8’s 1080p HD night vision camera will live stream video to your phone from anywhere in the world. Unlike competing security devices, SENS8 uses a passive infrared motion detector, which is more accurate. It combines data from the PIR sensor and the camera with a patent-pending Sensor Fusion Algorithm to all but eliminate false alarms.

SENS8 will send an immediate alert to your smart phone. You can even have a 95+ decibel alarm sound to scare off intruders. SENS8 will automatically arm itself when you leave the house.  With other security devices, when an intruder cuts the power you are out of luck. SENS8 has them beat, with an internal battery that will keep the alarm sounding and the device running for up to half an hour.

My receipt gave me an estimated ship date of April 2017 and after many delays, I took delivery of the SENS8 October 6, 2017.  The packaging was minimal, sturdy and attractive.   The unit came with a usb cord, AC Adaptor and a minimal instructional pamphlet.

After downloading and installing the SENS8 App from the Google Play Store, I started the setup procedure.   The app took me step by step through the process of linking my Android to the SENS8 unit.  After a few minutes, I was up and running.

The SENSE8 App was very easy to use thanks to an attractive, intuitive and easy to use interface that is divided into four sections.

The Home screen gives you the ability to monitor the Outdoor temp, Indoor temp and Humidity.  You can also view “Activity Detected” footage and “Live” footage via a secure connection between your Android device and the SENS8 unit.  The “Activity Detected” default setting is SD-780p.  Live stream gives you the option to view your stream in LD-480P, SD-780 and HD-1080p.  You can also view Live stream in Night Vision.

The Mode screen gives you the ability to Arm, Disarm, Schedule surveillance times and Automation which can detect when you leave your house and arm the system for you.

The Events screen gives you the ability to view Activity Detected with a time and date stamp.

The Me screen gives you the ability to setup your Profile and connect the SENS8 to your Dropbox account for secure storage of your Activity Detected footage.  You can share access to your SENSE8 footage and features with another household member simply by scanning the barcode on the original Android device used to install and setup the SENS8 App.

Some things worth mentioning…the original SENS8 offer, displayed on the Indiegogo Website during the time of purchase, included a sd slot on the side of the unit.  This design was later removed for security reasons from the final product, but is still displayed on the Indiegogo Website as of October 12, 2017.  Also on the Indiegogo Website, is the claim that you can link your SENSE8 to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.  As per version Google Drive was not an option.

If you’re looking for a high quality Home Security System that’s easy to setup, use and a great value for the money, look no further than SENS8.