Windows 8 Preview

According to all reports, Windows 8 will be available as early as Spring 2012.  When it does, I will have no other choice but to run out and buy it if I want to remain informative to customers who ask for my help and to remain competitive if I want to stay in business.  With every new operating system, there is a level of excitement I feel when I have the DVD in my hand and I am about to install it.  Over the past couple of months I have downloaded and installed the Windows 8 beta developer preview onto a virtual drive.  I purchased the Windows Phone 7 when it became available in November of 2010 so I was already familiar with the metro tiles.  Although Windows 8 is in it’s infancy, I have to admit for the first time in my life since becoming a computer enthusiast, I am not excited about this OS.  Windows 8 is supposed to be chock full of innovative features but so far I am not impressed.  As of today’s date, if you were to ask my opinion, when Windows 8 is ready for the general public, I think I will install it on a virtual drive and remain a loyal Windows 7 user.

Are you still using Windows XP

Are you still using Windows XP?  Why haven’t you switched to Windows 7?  As of late Spring of 2012, Microsoft will be introducing their new OS called Windows 8 and Windows XP will no longer be supported.  You can no longer get support from Windows Update for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 9 does not work with Windows XP either leaving it susceptible to browser attacks.  What are you waiting for?

Google +

How many of you have signed up for Google +?  I have been using Google + since July 2011 and when asked what I think, I am quick to promote Google + over Facebook.  I like the “Circles” feature, the ease of use, the ability to post to my circles or the general public.  It incorporates a lot of Google’s features that Facebook doesn’t have and it allows you to post gifs.