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Windows Live (Part 1)

If you are running Windows 7 and you have downloaded Windows Live from Windows Update, then you probably know the benefits of Cloud Storage but if you have not taken advantage of this free service then I recommend that you download and familiarize yourself with it.

After you create a Windows Live account or a Hotmail account, then you can begin using Windows Live Mesh to sync your your laptop computer with your desktop computer or your home computer with your work computer.

Having setup this program when I upgraded my work computer, I was able to log into Windows Live with my Hotmail address and access the files that I forgot to backup to my thumb drive without getting in the car and driving to work.

Windows Live allows you 5.00 GB of storage accessible via any computer with an internet connection.  But what if you maxed out your Windows Live storage and the file you needed is not on the cloud or what if you are not comfortable storing your personal files on the cloud?  Windows Live Mesh can sync your documents from one computer to the other without storing any of your documents on the cloud.

Two things worth mentioning, first you can only take advantage of all that Windows Live Mesh has to offer using Windows Explorer 32 bit edition and second you need to remember with Windows Live Mesh or any cloud storage option, when you delete your account your files are no longer accessible so remember to back up your files before deleting your account.